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All-volunteer training

Page history last edited by Alex Aronson 11 years, 10 months ago

All-Volunteer Canvass Training

Now you've got your trained network of Trick-or-Trainers, ready to train your volunteers on the day of the event and answer their questions. You still need to train your canvassers, and while your Trick-or-Trainers serve invaluable roles as small group leaders, you should also plan to do an all-group training. Here's the one we used in 2006. Trick or Vote All-Canvasser training.ppt.


This is what it covers:

  1. What we're doing
  2. Materials overview
  3. Turf Overview
  4. What to do at the doorstep
  5. 13 Canvassing Tips (these are worth stealing)


And stay tuned for a video training!


Now go talk to some voters!


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