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Direct Actions

Page history last edited by Alex Aronson 12 years, 2 months ago

One way to drive buzz and visibility is through Direct Actions. Trick or Vote is thrilled to be partnering with the good folks at the Ruckus Society, zen masters of Direct Action organizing.

Here's what they've got to say:


Hey Trick or Voters, the Ruckus Society is super excited to offer support to all the spooky activities going on this season.


If you’re not already familiar with Ruckus (www.ruckus.org), we are a network of folks who offer direct action trainings and support to organizations and groups like yourselves. We'd love to team up on some spooky Trick or Vote actions in your neighborhood. 


Making a Trick or Vote action happen is easy (and fun): 


Ruckus can send a trainer to you- to help you vision, train and prep for your own spooky action OR borrow one of our action ideas and run with it! We have online tools to support you and your own creativity is your greatest asset! 


So here are some spooky action Ideas for you (they are a start but the possibilities are endless):


  • LED bulbs 
  • Bill board throwies 
  • Billboard modification 
  • Banner hangs 
  • Bus modification
  • Green graffiti 
  • Teaming up with your college's marching band 
  • Puppets and night times puppet lanterns 
  • Polaroid picture voting station 
  • Glow in the dark chalking 
  • Candies with trick or vote on wrapper of on the hearts -- hersheys and hearts brands does this 
  • Power wash dirty buildings with trick or vote messages 
  • Search light with image like the bat signal
  • Group theatre or dance
  • Trick or vote ice cream truck with trick or vote wrappers playing great music
  • Zombie Flashmobs
  • Balloon banners –(giant banners held up by weather balloons)


If any of these spooky actions sound good, hit us up (or chime in on a trick or vote call near you!)

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