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Fundraising and Sponsorships

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Sponsor Recruitment:

  • This is one of the very best sponsorship recruitment things Oregon Bus has ever done. Companies who would never do some of the more issue related stuff we do.

  • In local area – one potential sponsor good to go after = local sports team. Basketball season just kicking off right before Halloween. Encourage folks to make a call to public affairs person, meet with them and say other teams doing this – do you want to. Let us in to the building in monster costumes right before or on Halloween giving voter guides, getting pledges, getting volunteers if before. Can be put on their radio or tv networks. Cred with certain sector of young people.

  • 2nd idea – local media sponsor. Every single local group should find an alternative weekly sponsorship, local radio sponsorship, broadcast tv or local cable. Boosts credibility of event and ability to deliver a message. Encourage going after them in next couple of weeks.

  • If you deliver any of those broadcast partners or sports team, we have all the Trick or Vote videos in broadcast format and we can get those to you.

  • 3rd idea – local companies, e.g. local power company. Sponsor events and give money. Just standard community involved good corporate citizen companies really good prospects to reach out to.

  • Some local companies want to go national and can suggest to them to be a national sponsor. Lots of places smaller companies trying to go bigger. Helpful if something socially responsible, youthful brand.

  • If able to round up 5K in local sponsorship could hire people for last month drive or get a better vendor. Can be capacity adding thing rather than diversion




    Big Game Hunting

    Sponsors and Partners




    A way to build relationships that will always serve you in good stead. Trick or Vote is one of the best sponsorship asks you will ever make, and those are relationships that can last and lead to other good stuff.


    Money sponsors:

    • We have a handout for sponsorship levels

    • Targets:

      • Corporate citizen companies who want to connect with young people Local energy companies sometimes want to put on a good face.

      • Local efforts that want to go national

      • Ask for money and stuff. Some small companies don’t have money, but have cool stuff. Also try to get some money.

    • Of course, use your own organizational values to determine what sponsors make sense.


    Media sponsors: These are gifts that will keep on giving for your local efforts

    1. Alternative Print Weeklies

    2. Local radio stations

    3. Local t.v. or community cable




    Early chats – talk to them now, not just right before


    Ask for:

    1. participate in the planning; and

    2. some particular task – e.g., send an email to folks


    Weekly meetings:

    • Set up a check-in mechanism – weekly meetings,

    • In-person meetings probably, conference calls can work


    Demonstrate to the partner how ToV can advance the work of the partner:

    1. The youth dense precincts they want targeted

    2. The brand building they want to do

    3. The volunteer engagements they want to leverage in a fun way

    4. Potentially the list building they want to do


    Have some materials for them:

    • Cool ToV schwag

    • Videos are a decent hook (Katie Couric mention/video gives gravity)

    • Sponsor level sheet


    Ask for specific help

    • E.g., Particular number of people turned out


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