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Goals and Objectives

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Project Goals


(1) Increased young voter turnout: Each partner group will set a voter contact and

voter guide distribution goal.

(2) Volunteer recruitment: Coalition partners will recruit hundreds of volunteers for

both this effort and to build long-term capacity. Using fun and effective organizing

techniques, the project aims to continue the ongoing effort of engaging a new

generation of change agents.

(3) Earned media: Trick or Vote offers a visual and timely media story. Partner

groups are recruiting celebrity canvassers; 2004 and 2006 participants included Jadakiss,

Jim Hightower, Edward Norton and Art Alexakis of Everclear. Efforts are underway to

secure celebrity participation for the 2008 events.

(4) A Lasting Model: Trick-or-Vote 2008 aims to build upon a proven program that

can be copied by others and replicated for years to come.


Measurable Outcomes


(1) Doors Knocked: Number of doors knocked. A good trick-or-voter should be able

to knock on 20+ doors per hour. An average of 50 doors per volunteer would be a

respectable expectation. Accordingly, 500 trick-or-voters could reach roughly 25,000 


(2) Voter Guides Distributed: Street teams and trick-or-voters will distribute localized

voter guides.  

(3) Increase in Voter Turnout: Trick-or-Vote aims to increase voter turnout in

targeted areas, both by generating buzz and media, as well as by direct voter contact.

There is a difficult issue of causality here, as there will be multiple inputs. Partner

groups should track voter turnout in their target precincts compared to similar areas

without Trick-or-Vote. In conjunction with David Nickerson of Notre Dame/Yale

University, plans are underway to conduct a controlled experiment of Trick or Vote

 2008 and its impact on turnout, as well as its impact on down ballot performance. 

(4) Total Volunteers Organized: A successful Trick-or-Vote should be able to

mobilize hundreds of volunteers. In Oregon, organizers plan to mobilize at least

1,000 volunteers.

(5) First Time Volunteers Organized: Trick-or-Vote is a unique opportunity to reach

out to young people and first-time volunteers. Organizers should track the

percentage of first-time volunteers engaged.

(6) Media Hits: A target media hit goal will be set once partnerships are finalized.

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