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Media Outreach

Page history last edited by Alex Aronson 11 years, 10 months ago

Why I like trick or vote:

  • volunteers come back so happy and feel like they've done something and had fun

  • best way on the best day - direct voter contact

  • anything that involves volunteers can reach general public and turning volunteers into better activists and continud engagement

  • tapping into pre-existing infrastructure, ultimately scalable

  • overlays really well with existing gotv plans

  • age groups get it, esp younger people


Jefferson Pitch: Did a study and found best way to increase voter turnout is face to face contact – knocking on doors. Increased by 7 to 12% which can determine an election. Halloween already knocking on doors. Never too old to Trick or Vote.


  • Establishes need right away.

  • Allows person to have the “aha” moment and let’s them be the smart person


Jefferson on Media Partnerships: Different relationship to media – deal with business department – get free add space.

  • Most cities have alternative weekly newspapers. Natural partnership. Approach your best relationship or just cold call to business dept or editor.

  • Radio partnership – finding radio partner is a natural thing to do – they are more accessible than you would think. One way to do it and one way we’ve done it – pay couple hundred bucks to have local radio station to provide their dj.

  • TV: go in advance and give them something to build buzz for the event – in costume etc.

  • PSAs: We are creating a lot of video material you guys can use. Your organization probably wants to do reminder to vote PSAs anyway and can combine with TOV pitch.

  • Inviting media to event: Invite radio, tv, print media to cover the canvassing and event.

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